Elizabeth A. Barrie
Experience: Career Highlights & Contributions
DPR Construction Senior Project Manager (1995 to 2012)
RRM Design Group (1993-1995)

During my career I have been fortunate to encounter a broad range of projects and have found myself to be very adaptable and welcoming to new ideas and processes.  I work well in any environment that allows for the use of creativity and enjoy handling any project from start to finish.  My depth of experience has contributed to the success of the projects I have delivered and has facilitated additional work with numerous clients. 

Radiation Oncology Therapy Center
Led the project from design to construction completion for this Design-Build Project.  Built on a fast-track 15 1/2 month schedule to design and build the facility, I managed all of the design deliverables, the permit process and the user meetings, while working through the typical pre-construction activities of cost control, buy-out and contracts.  I negotiated the contracts with the design consultants and spent extensive time working through the Owner contract with the client. Identified potential problem areas within the design and was able to keep the team focused and manage to our $20M budget.  Significant project achievements included:
  • Project earned Certificate of Occupancy 8 days early.
  • The project was delivered on budget.
  • Over 75,000 self perform and staff man hours injury free.
  • Completion of the project with a Zero Defects Letter signed by the client on the day of Substantial Completion.
  • Established a strict cost control system that managed each scope and each contract to ensure alignment with the Owners budget.
  • Used BIM coordination for clash detection.

Green Roof                         
Managed the design team through the completion of the design of a green roof (design-build project) and successfully implemented significant betterments to the clients original design of planter trays located on a roof.  This 2,500 sf green roof incorporates (5) large tree boxes, (2) large planter boxes, a fountain, a green screen to hide a service walk-way and decorative rock along the perimeter.  The patio was designed with pedestal pavers above a sloping roof deck with a hydro-tech roofing system below for drainage.
  • Re-engineering of the roof deck to support the planter boxes & consideration for the soil loading on the roof.
  • Coordination of trades for utilities to serve the garden.
  • Review of the re-design with the Owner.
  • The enhanced design, encompassing drought tolerate plants will reduce overall maintenance long term due to elimination of planter trays and extensive irrigation.

Physicians Medical Office Building
Managed the construction of this Medical Office building bordered by one of San Diego's busiest Emergency Rooms, one of the main ambulance routes to Sharp Hospital and on the back side by an existing, operating Medical Office Building. In excess of 5,000 cy of concrete, over 900 tons of steel and bridge to connect the building to an existing parking structure where just some of the logistical challenges of this project.
  • Successful logistics management with Subcontractors, Pedestrians, Sharp Hospital, Patients, Ambulances, Physicians & Staff led to an on-time completion.
  • The project was completed on budget with efficient buyout of the Owner Allowances enabling the client to utilize any project savings in other areas of the building.
  • Tenant Improvements we able to start earlier than expected to allow for the building Owner to start early lease negotiations.
Saint Augustine High School
Efficiently managed the construction of two new wood framed classroom buildings and a subterranean parking structure and demolished 2 existing classroom buildings at San Diego's oldest Catholic School, in one of San Diego's oldest residential neighborhoods all while school is in session.
  • Managed and forecasted cost for more than 8,000 safe, self perform concrete hours.
  • Efficient business planning and performance allowed the team to return in excess of $300K to the client.
  • Received a signed Zero Defect letter at the project Substantial Completion.
  • On time completion of all phases for classes the following academic year.
  • Regular interaction with the community during construction.
  • No campus shut downs during construction.
  • Interacted with the Science and Math classes to challenge them on estimating and schedule activities to help engage the school in the project.

The Art Institute of California
I have built a long term relationship with this out of state client, working on more than (7) projects in both San Diego and Orange County.  Extending services to pull permits, help compile construction documents, working design-assist, or simply whatever was needed to complete many unique and challenging projects, most of them in occupied facilities.
  • Spaces include: Kitchens, Dining and Serving rooms, state of art Audio Studio, Fashion Studio's, Computer Labs, Bookstore, Paint Booths (in compliance with the Orange County Air Quality Management), Library, Wood and Metal working facility, and more.
  • Ability to management and complete the project with minimal design documents which reduced overall costs for the project design phase.
  • Developed a standardized pricing program to assist the client in making quick design decisions.

Corporate Office-LEED Platinum
Collaborated with design partners / consultants during several months of design charrettes to retrofit an existing 33,000 sf one story tilt-up building.  Aided in developing and enhancing the building program into a usable layout for this new corporate office.  As the conduit from the design to the construction team, I was able to lead several unique aspects of this project from LEED material selections to the coordination of the multi-phased, multi-tenant schedule.
  • Contributed to the LEED Platinum Certification: One of San Diego's only LEED Platinum Spaces.
  • Project was Injury Free.
  • Active and Passive strategies used in design.
  • Study of a 1- year payback on the initial investment.
  • Studied airflow, daylighting and solar orientation for heat gain/loss.
  • Met individually with each Subcontractor to communicate LEED objectives
  • Used BIM modeling for clash detection.
  • Managed the installation of the buildings PV System.

Research Greenhouse
Managed the construction of this 4,000 sf research greenhouse.  Four custom individual bays, all with a delicate humidity controlled environment for agriculture research.

Sculpture Project 
Challenged with the vision of the client to build a sculpture, representative of an antibody that would be placed near the main entry at a prominent biotech campus, I worked side by side with the artist to take the idea and some sketches and create a 22 ft long, 12 ft high reality.  From the artists rough sketches, conceptual drawings were done and I used the idea of a cast resin model to help illustrate the complexity of the compound curves on each side of the sculpture.  I researched a marine iron company that more typically builds ships, and employed them to take our resin model create our sculpture.  Built with an internal frame to prevent the sides from denting or collapsing, the sculpture quickly took shape.
  • Coordinated between consultants in California and with the construction team in Seattle to complete this complex sculpture.
  • Worked closely with the artist to maintain quality control to ensure we built what she envisioned.
  • Strategic planning for on time and damage free delivery to the Oceanside campus from Seattle.

Institute for Functional Genomics
A key management role in this six building biopharmaceutical campus for a client new to San Diego.  The campus included a 2-level, 1,200 ft long subterranean parking structure, a subterranean utility tunnel connecting all buildings, a vivarium, chemistry research building, biology research building, corporate office building, including a theater, kitchen and cafeteria, and a utilities building. A 1,200 ft trellis walkway connected all of the structures and served as one of the main architectural elements of the campus.
  • Led the interior construction of all buildings, working closely with the client to ensure the key program and design elements were implemented.
  • Supervised and executed the project buy-out and negotiated Subcontract scopes and labor rates for the project.
  • Managed cost controls and value engineering efforts that led to overall cost reductions that allowed the client to utilize savings in other areas of the project.
  • Collaborated with on site Architects to find solutions to complex design issues.
  • The project was delivered on time and on budget.
Rockwell International 200mm Wafer Fab Facility
Working as a scheduler on this project, I implemented color coded mapping, in conjunction with the technology of Primavera on this $300M Micro Electronics facility to add efficiency and help communicate our project schedule.  With a schedule and contract inclusive of both milestone penalties and incentives, it was critical to keep our workflow defined and maximize production.  No milestone penalties were incurred on this project.

Design Project Fire Station
No. 1

Assisted in the design of this new Fire Station, working with the team to coordinate the programming needs into the design and completing the architectural construction drawings.